Top 10 Electroneum Feature Requests (Wish List)

This is a follow-on post from our recent Electroneum App Guide.

1) Current Value of Wallet, in local currency.

2) Auto startup for miner or notification it is not running.

3) Remove the zero incoming payments notifications.

4) Fingerprint scanner for login.

5) Current stats on the blockchain.

6) Include a summary of the exchange services offered.

7) From running notification link to the app, not the app info page.

8) Let us choose to do actual mining? When powered and on Wi-Fi! Plenty of other crowd sourced projects do it.



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Electroneum – The Android App

Firstly grab the app from Google Play Store, then you’ll have to sign up for an account and log in. Keep an eye out on your Virtual Mining, this is a first for any CryptoCurrency. Feel free to use my referral code (2E59F3) you win and I win, explained below.

We’ll go through the app screen by screen and add our thoughts where relevant.

If you want to skip to the end for our conclusion your more than welcome!

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